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Michael Hampton
1 (603) 206-4321

MANCHESTER, N.H. — “We have another immigration checkpoint on 89 approaching exit 18 . . . southbound.”

“At this point I have been denied the supposed right to vote, even though I filled out all of their requisite forms.”

“Sam’s show trial just concluded with an unsurprising guilty verdict. . . . We all saw the judge blatantly wink at the prosecution at one point. It was that much of a farce.”

If something like this happens to you, who do you call? If you live in New Hampshire, you call Porcupine 411.

These are just a few of the messages that New Hampshire activists have sent within the last month using the Porcupine 411 message distribution network. For over three years, activists here have been using the system to keep each other informed, to coordinate their activism, to respond to police misconduct, and even to schedule social outings.

On Monday, the Porcupine 411 system, previously geared exclusively toward New Hampshire, opened up for the rest of the country. A second number is now available for activists in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Sponsored by local activists, the Twin Cities 411 line is only the beginning.

“‘How can I get one of these numbers?’ has always been my most frequently asked question,” says Porcupine 411 creator Michael Hampton. “I’ve done the technical work so people can focus on their local activism.”

Liberty activists in any part of the country can now obtain a local Porcupine 411 phone line, mailing list, Web site, blog and podcast, all tightly integrated.

Porcupine 411 is named after the porcupine, mascot of the Free State Project, a movement to bring liberty loving activists to New Hampshire to work toward reducing the size and scope of government. Porcupines are harmless creatures until provoked, when they use their quills to defend themselves. Free State Project participants often call themselves porcupines, or “porcs.”

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