Hello world!

Welcome to the new Porcupine411.com.

As most of you know, Porcupine 411 has been an indispensable service for liberty activists in New Hampshire for over three years now. With this long-overdue site redesign, I’m working on tightening up the service integration and availability and preparing to take the service nationwide.

This means that those of you in other areas of the country will be able to set up your own 411 lines for your local liberty community. More accurately, I’ll set it up. Once complete, the service will be entirely turnkey, including the phone line, mailing list management, podcast, and even a blog. This will come at a cost, since all of this work costs me money, but the cost will be quite affordable.

Over the next few months I’ll also be looking at ways to incorporate Porcupine 411 into other media, such as social networking sites. For instance, you will soon be able to receive Porcupine 411 notifications via Twitter.

This is an exciting time for Porcupine 411. Being able to distribute audio helps you inform your community and makes you safer from improper and illegal acts by government officials. I’m glad you all have been a part of it so far, and I look forward to another three years of working for more freedom.

Michael Hampton posted at 2009-11-14 Category: Updates