About Porcupine 411

Porcupine 411 was, is and will remain a service for connecting activists with information they need. While the original voice service is gone, I am planning and testing new services, which will be announced soon.

The original Porcupine 411 was a set of rapid message distribution networks.

From 2006 until 2018 I was honored to provide a critical messaging service for liberty activists in New Hampshire and beyond. Technology, however, passed us by.

When Porcupine 411 first went live, there was no such thing as a smartphone. It would be years before they were common, and years more before apps making them useful activist tools became available. In the meantime, many people had and still have basic mobile phones. When I discovered early on that virtually all of them could play MP3s, even when that feature wasn’t advertised, an idea began to form. I put together a voicemail service with an email list and MMS to deliver voice messages to hundreds of people at once via MP3, to their email or directly to their basic (or, later, smart) phones.

Some things which Porcupine 411 was used for include:

  • Locations of speed traps and sobriety checkpoints
  • Reporting unusual or improper police activity (Copwatch)
  • Distress calls in case of roadside detention or imminent arrest
  • Upcoming social events, activities or almost anything else of immediate interest to liberty lovers

Local Porcupine 411 pages which were open to the public at the time the service shut down have been archived and remain available indefinitely:

Many other cities had a Porcupine 411 service at various times, but their archives are no longer available.