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Bringing people together.

Whether it’s to document police misconduct, rescue a stranded traveler, or simply to get together for dinner, Porcupine 411 has proved itself indispensable in helping people connect and improve their activism. Now you can bring Porcupine 411 to your local organization, activist group, or geographic area.

We handle all of the technical aspects of Porcupine 411 for you, letting you focus on your activism.

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Here’s how it works:

First, we will do an exhaustive search of your local area for an appropriate phone number. For obvious reasons, we prefer numbers ending in 411, but if none are available, we will search for the most memorable and appropriate phone number we can find in your area.

Second, we set up a mailing list and a section of the web site just for you. Your phone number, mailing list and web site are totally integrated, providing you with instant delivery and publication of audio messages, including your own blog and a podcast of the Porcupine 411 messages.

Third, we send you your usernames, passwords and login information. You give the phone number and subscription information to your local activists, and you have Porcupine 411!

Based on tested, mature open source technology, Porcupine 411 has revolutionized New Hampshire liberty activism since 2006. Now it can revolutionize yours.

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Our forward-facing platforms are ones you’ll almost certainly recognize:

WordPress Multi-Site, which also serves high profile blogs for, the New York Times, Wired, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and more.

GNU Mailman serves our mailing lists. Mailman serves a wide variety of mailing lists all over the Internet.

Asterisk is our telephony software. It answers the phones, records the calls, and passes them off to the rest of the system. Asterisk is capable of serving VoIP as well as landlines.

After you sign up, we will contact you to request information about the geographic area which you want your phone number to serve. Then we will search for your phone number, set up your Porcupine 411 site, and email you all of the information you need to get started.

Over the years that I’ve run Porcupine 411, the absolute most frequently asked question has been, “How can I get a number for my area?” Now you can. And I’m taking care of all the technical stuff so you don’t have to.

For just $20 per month you and your local activists will have everything you need to stay connected: Porcupine 411 records callers’ messages and immediately forwards the audio recording to every subscriber’s email address, mobile phones, podcast, and also posts it to your new blog. In addition, we can forward the messages to your Twitter account and Facebook Page.

You can use it as an ongoing service, like the original Porcupine 411, or set up a new line for special events, such as presidential campaigns and large one-time protests.

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