About Porcupine 411

Porcupine 411 is a set of rapid message distribution networks.

You can use your local Porcupine 411 to participate in the growing liberty movement. Some things which Porcupine 411 can be used for include:

  • Locations of speed traps and sobriety checkpoints
  • Reporting unusual or improper police activity (Copwatch)
  • Distress calls in case of roadside detention or imminent arrest
  • Upcoming social events, activities or almost anything else of immediate interest to liberty lovers

Select your location at right to visit your local Porcupine 411 page. There you will find all the details on how to contact your local Porcupine 411 and how to receive Porcupine 411 messages by email, podcast, or on your mobile phone.

You can also use the map below to find a nearby Porcupine 411 service, or bring Porcupine 411 to your local area.